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Phu Sy Tea

- Add: No. 166 Ly Thai To, Village 6, Dam Bri commune, Bao Loc city, Lam Dong, Vietnam
- City: Lam Dong - Country: Vietnam
- Tel: +84-2633751080 - Hotline:
- Email: - Web:

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Providing diverse teas and coffees
Meeting different demands of customers
Especially fragrant Oolong tea
Fresh and clean ingredients

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Tel: 0985.910.420 - 0263.375.1080

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Oolong tea

Oolong tea

Cinnamon flower Oolong tea

Milk fragrance Oolong tea

Jasmine Oolong tea

Lotus Oolong tea

Oolong tea filter bag

Atiso tea filter bag

Phu Sy Oolong tea

Phu Sy Tea Providing 25 types of Oolong tea, from original Oolong teas to flower-marinated Oolong teas
- Original Oolong tea
- Lotus-marinated Oolong tea
- Jasmine-marinated Oolong tea
- Cinnamon-flower-marinate Oolong tea
- Milk-fragrance Oolong tea

Phu Sy Flower marinated tea

Phu Sy Tea The harmony of flowers and green tea for those who love the beautiful.
Flower teas not only help our sleeping but also improve our mood.
- Chamomile marinated tea
- Lotus marinated tea
- Jasmine marinated tea
- Blue pea marinated tea

Phu Sy Black tea

Phu Sy Tea Black tea is well-known for its many benefits in helping human health such as improving heart health, assisting metabolism, protecting digestion, etc.
- Peach black tea
- Bergamol black tea
- Ceylon black tea
- Dense black tea

Phu Sy Tea filter bags

Phu Sy Tea Your every morning will be energic with a Phu Sy tea filter bag
- Peach tea filter bag
- Mango tea filter bag
- Coconut tea filter bag
- Mangosteen tea filter bag
- Green tea filter bag
- Lotus tea filter bag

Phu Sy Tea tool set

Phu Sy Tea A tea tool set absolutely helps us prepare a perfect tea drink.

Vietnam tea farm

Phu Sy tea

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A prestige brand of tea in Vietnam that has provided a variety of teas and coffees for Vietnam and international markets.
Phu Sy Tea has 2 farms with a total area of 400 hectares planting premium Oolong teas and running a factory of 5 hectares equipped with modern machines to manufacture hi-quality tea for customers.
Phu Sy teas have been exported to Taiwan, China, Japan, Russia, etc.
Type of Business: Manufacturer, trader
Main Products: Green tea
Established Year: 2016
Employees: 100
Phu Sy Tea
Manufacturing and trading a variety of teas and coffee
Product list:
- Oolong tea
- Green tea
- Flower-marinated tea
- Black tea
- Coffess


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