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Tan Long group

- Add: Floor 14, Diamond Flower Building, No.48 Le Van Luong street, Thanh Xuan district, Ha Noi, Vietnam
- City: Ha Noi - Country: Vietnam
- Tel: (+84) 24 666 88 666 - Hotline:
- Email: info@tanlonggroup.com - Web: https://tanlonggroup.com/

Light up Vietnamese agriculture

Gold Supplier

  • The leader in manufacturing rice in Vietnam
  • Applied standards: AFI, ISO, HACCP, BRC, etc
  • Modern and automatic production line
  • Export to global market

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Tel: +84-024 666 88 666
       +84-028 6294 9206
Email: info@tanlonggroup.com

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ST25 Rice

Jasmine Rice

Japonica Rice

ST21 Rice

Salt fried cashew

Finished cashew

Cashew powder

Raw cashew

Tan Long Rice

Tan Long group Producing Jasmine, Japonica, ST21 5451, etc.
Export markets: Malaysia, Philippines, Korea, China, Africa, US, Mexico, etc.
Dry power: 4,000 – 5,000 tons of fresh rice per day
Production: 240,000 tons per year
Grind power: 1,600 tons of finished rice per day
Partners: SKIOLD, Munters, Tornodic, Danbred, Vilomix, Haarsley, NFA

Tan Long grains

Tan Long group Top 1 of Vietnam in providing breeding grains
Producing 400,000 tons of breeding grains for more than 250 clients nationwide
Partners: Cargill, CHS, Sojitz, Posco Daewoo, Green Plains, C.P. Group, Masan Group, JAPFA, ANCO, Green Feed, etc.

Tan Long Cashew

Tan Long group Productivity: 200,000 tons per year
Providing cashew types of W240, W320, and WS, passed AFI standard, ISO, HACCP, and BRC standards
Export to 10 countries: US, EU, China, and Australia

Tan Long farm

Tan Long group 2 farms with 350,000 pigs
Passed HACCP and GMP standards
Partners: Skiold, Munters, Tornordic, Genesus, Big Dutchman, Haarslev, etc.
100% automatic production line

Tan Long minerals

Tan Long group

16 years of experience in exploiting minerals
   - Limestone: 20 million ton
   - Basalt: 10 million ton
Exploiting capability: 420,000 tons per year
CaCO3 production: 100,000 tons per year

Light up Vietnam agriculture

Vietnam rice field

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Established in 2000, Tan Long Group has brought its desire and hope to light up Vietnamese agriculture.
Up to now, Tan Long has become the leading group in the Green - Fresh - Sustainable agriculture field.
With more than 2.500 staff working nationwide from the North to the South, in domestic and international markets, Tan Long Group provides grains, rice, cashew, minerals, chemicals, and hi-tech mechanics.
Type of Business: Manufacturer, trader
Main Products: Rice, Grains, Cashew, Minerals, Chemicals
Main Markets: Vietnam, EU, Australia
Standards: AFI, ISO, HACCP, BRC
Established Year: 2000
Employees: 2,500
Tan Long group
  • Manufacturing and trading agriculture products: grains, rice, cashew, cereals
  • Manufacturing and trading minerals, chemicals
  • Manufacturing and trading hi-tech mechanical devices

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