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Viettien Garment Joint Stock Company

- Add: No7 Le Minh Xuan, Ward 7, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
- City: Ho Chi Minh city - Country: Vietnam
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Viet Tien - Enhanced values, assessing style, sustainable development

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Facility standard: Quality management system according to ISO 9001 – 2015, certificate number 38111312004, issued by Intertek.
Certificate SA 8000, certificate paper: SA 591551, issued by BSI WRAP, Certificate 4118, issued by WRAP Organization.
Quality standard: 5S

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Viettien Garment Joint Stock Company Shirt/ Blazer/ Suits/ Accessories/ Khaki Pants/ Dress Pants

Viettien Smart Casual

Viettien Garment Joint Stock Company Outerwear/ Accessories/ Sweater/ Shirt/ Polo Shirt/ T Shirt/ Underwear/ Jean/ Short/ Night / Amp; Lounge Wear


Viettien Garment Joint Stock Company Shirt
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Viettien Garment Joint Stock Company BOYS (Jacket, Jean, Khaki pants, Shirt, Short, T shirt)
GIRLS (Coveralls, Dress, Jacket, Jean, Jumpsuit, Khaki pants, Legging, Shirt, Short, Skirt, T shirt)

San Sciaro

Viettien Garment Joint Stock Company Accessories/ Blazer/ Dress pants/ Jean/ Khaki pants/ Polo shirt/ Shirt/ Short/ Suits


Viettien Garment Joint Stock Company Ao dai/ Blazer/ Blouses/ Dresses/ Dresses pants/ Jean/ Jumpsuit/ Khaki pants/ Shirts/ Short/ Skirt/ T shirt/ Waistcoat

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Viet Tien Garment Joint Stock Corporation was established in 1975. With the mission of constantly improving customer satisfaction with the best products and services, Viet Tien is now one of the leading enterprises. Vietnam's textile and garment industry with prestigious awards such as:
- First-class Labor Medal awarded by the Government
- High quality Vietnamese goods for 20 consecutive years
- Top 10 most famous brands in Vietnam
- Top 10 most trusted enterprises in Vietnam
With over 40 years of development experience, Viet Tien has now risen to affirm its position as one of the leading office fashion brands in Vietnam. However, in the context of fierce competition in the Vietnamese fashion market, Viet Tien does not give himself the right to satisfy himself with the glories achieved, but must constantly innovate and upgrade. That is also the reason why this famous garment brand is still making creative efforts day and night by expanding and diversifying product categories, improving the competitiveness of products; At the same time, focus on developing a professional distribution system to bring the most convenience and enjoyable experiences to customers.
Viet Tien has the right to dream that extravagant dream as the largest export industrial garment brand in Vietnam. The big brother of Vietnam's textile and garment industry - Viet Tien has captured a respectable market share in advanced fashions: Japan accounts for 31% of Viet Tien's output, the number in the US is 21%, the EU 16.5% , Korea 3.9%, other countries 27.6%… The market share problem of Viet Tien has been solved, the next step in the internationalization process is the Brand problem. With careful preparation along with a long-term strategy on the premise of solid progress, Viet Tien is believed to put Vietnam's name on the world fashion map. “Viet Tien – Vietnam moves forward”, a proud brand philosophy.

Type of Business: Manufacturer, trading
Main Products: clothing, garment products
Main Markets: Vietnam, EU, USA...
Production capacity: 100 million garment products per year
Standards: ISO 9001:2015
Established Year: 1975
Employees: more than 20,000 people

– Manufacturing clothes in various kinds

– Import and export services, transportation and delivery of goods;

– Manufacturing and sales of raw materials for garment industry; machinery and spare parts and equipment for sewing industry; electrical equipment for sound and lighting;

– Business printers, photocopiers, computer equipment; the devices, the software in the field of computers and technology transfer; telephone, fax machine, telephone system; the air conditioning system and the spare parts (consumers and industrial); household and industrial pumps;

– Business in the infrastructure invested in the industrial zones;

– Investment and financial business;

– Business trades under the provisions of the law.