packaging, imitation leather, thin film

Building wires, Medium voltage cables, Control cables, Bare conductors, Service entrance cables

Cooking Oil Products, Ice - Cream Products, Snacking


rolling door, aluminum bar, steel tile

TV, refrigerator, electric fan, speaker

jelly products

Digital Inkjet Printing Inks

galvanized sheet, cold steel, steel pipe

cosmetics, functional foods

steel pipe, section steel, galvanized sheet

antibiotics, pain relievers, functional foods

power cables, control switchgear


interior and exterior - stainless steel, plastic

telecommunication, cloud

zinc corrugated iron, cold corrugated iron, color corrugated iron

microbial organic fertilizer

freight services

sanitary ware, building glass, real estate

household ceramics

ceramic tiles, glazed tiles

pliers, tweezers, scissors, files

corrugated iron, plastic pipes, steel pipes

garment, fashion

aluminum sheet, aluminum ceiling

Domestic and international travel services

real estate management services

housing business and real estate management

telecommunication services

aluminum, packaging, furniture

electrical cabinets, control cabinets

aluminum doors, aluminum and glass walls

insurance services

rice paper, pho cake, shrimp puff pastry

egg noodles, noodles, fresh vermicelli, rice paper

sauces, condiments, sauces, frozen foods

Barracuda, sardines, sardines

corrugated iron, steel pipe

cold corrugated iron, zinc corrugated iron

telecommunications services, television

investment services, golf course, hotel management

building business and exploiting aviation infrastructure

animal feed, poultry feed, aquatic feed

banking and financial services

medicine, functional foods

plastic pipes and fittings

ceramic tiles

construction steel, steel pipe, color corrugated iron, household electrical appliances

Current transformers, voltage transformers

television signal decoding equipment, telecommunications terminal equipment

led, smart lighting, vacuum flask

interior finishing construction

banking and financial services

delivery service

Virtual computer service, clound PC

banking and financial services

Design, supply, install solar energy

pet bottle, net, wire, membrane

ballpoint pens, writing pens, office supplies, school supplies

rice, rice-based functional food

instant noodles, pho, noodle soup

alkaline ionized drinking water

Seeds, shrimp, cashew nuts, mixed nuts, confectionery, fish sauce

welding wire, welding rod

gold, jewelry, diamonds, gems

Air freight service

detergent solution, detergent solution, fabric softener

tonic, nasal spray, baby lotion

port operation service business, logistics

paper, notebook, pens, school supplies

milk, nutritional products

sausages, canned goods, frozen foods, dry products

coronary stents, peripheral venous catheter

Smart traffic solution software on digital map